About Deanna

"Our goal at DJO for your event is to hit a homerun every time. We strive to give 110 percent at each and every event, period. Having this attitude, we find that people who want a consistently outstanding orchestra, call us. Due to this philosophy we've been fortunate enough to have worked with celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Geraldo Rivera, Donald Trump to name a few."

"Finesse is a key word. I always want the party to be elegant but very fun and hip. I've put together a group of musicians who are spontaneous, upbeat and positive. I also believe my band has its own intangible essence. I think we always add a flair of sophistication and energy that truly enhances each party. I am acutely aware of the fact that our goal at these events is to create a lasting memory in the minds of our clients and their guests. I want to ensure that our performances far exceed the expectation of our clients. That memory should be extremely positive."

Deanna is a sought after producer, bandleader and vocalist. She is also the proud mother of 6 wonderful children (2 by birth and 4 adopted children - 3 Ethiopian children who have lost their parents to AIDS and one Guatemalan daughter). She is also a HUMANITARIAN and the Executive Director to an organization called MOTHER THE WORLD ( a 501c3 org that produces videos and films of mothers dealing with such social issues as AIDS, domestic abuse, human trafficking in Africa, Ukraine, US, Russia and India). Deanna has been the choice bandleader for very high profile weddings and corporate events for over 20 years. She was the bandleader and lead singer for the weddings of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Geraldo Rivera, Donald Trump, Maria Cuomo to Kenneth Cole...and parties for Jimmy Buffett, Josie Natori, Stuart Weitzman, Hillary and Bill Clinton. But she considers her greatest accomplishments her family and advocacy for HIV adoption. Deanna loves music and loves helping to make events special but also considers one of the benefits to being involved in the event industry is the ability to give back to the 150 million orphans globally.

Deanna is married to Mark Falchook (producer/musician) and enjoys listening to him play piano when she cooks baked ziti in her time off of the bandstand....

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Featured performer at Presidential Inaugurals/Songstress for many exclusive clients such as weddings for Donald Trump/Marla Maples, Kenneth Cole/Maria Cuomo. Bandleader for Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones wedding as well as events for Jimmy Buffett, Julie Andrews, John McEnroe, Bette Midler, Matt Lauer and social clients such as Ron Lauder, Ronald Perelman, the Tisch family, Carolyne Roehm, etc.